On patriotism

I’ve heard from a few sources that a lot of people think my embrace of Islam is some kind of volte face, or represents a reversal of the moral and political standpoint I’ve previously expressed. So I just thought I should clarify that nothing could be further from the truth.

I’m still a patriotic traditionalist, and if anything I am more patriotic, and more of a traditionalist, than before I converted. Converting to Islam did not mean embracing an exotic, foreign religion but returning to everything that is good in my own upbringing and my own culture, nation, and tradition, only purified.

As the great scholar Umar Faruq Abd-Allah puts it, Islam is the clear water of pure monotheism that takes on the colour of the cultural bedrock over which it flows. So far from being incompatible with the English way of life it is, in our post-modern age of liquid, global monoculture, the only way of retrieving an authentic Englishness, as opposed to ignorant nativism or grotesque live-action role-play. I have not changed the way I dress or the food I eat (save that I take halal beef with my eggs rather than bacon). I have not changed my love of my country, its landscape, and the unique spiritual sensibility that grows out of it (which does not mean I take it to be superior to any other), or my loyalty to its monarch (after God).


Nor have I changed my moral and political views. (With a few exceptions: for example, unlimited “free speech”, a cause I only ever supported for strategic reasons, is not compatible with Islam; I prefer the traditional British approach of prohibiting blasphemy and indecency in public spaces.) I still believe in defending family life against the wicked cults of feminism and “LGBT” rights. I still believe in preserving and reviving my country’s wonderful literary and cultural heritage, and its character, customs, and institutions, against those who would render us homeless in the name of a “multiculturalism” that will really leave us with none. I still despise the wretched, worn-out post-modern ‘sixties ethos that rules our society and destroys all self-respect and self-control in the name of a hollow and specious freedom, a banal orgy of sex, drugs and rock’n’roll. I still oppose the European Union and think mass immigration does much more harm than good (though I don’t think it’s of primary importance, and it is in any case now a fait accompli).


For that matter, I still believe Britain should pay reparations for some of its colonial crimes, a cause incomparably more worthy than that of destroying “violent” statues of colonial statesmen (Islam forbids statues but that’s a quite different matter).


I believe in the shar’iah (orthodoxy obliges me to), a system of Divine law that upholds the common sense values in which your ancestors believed through firm but compassionate means whilst allowing a great measure of personal liberty, and enjoining–not just permitting–the organic development of particular cultures, which must of course include our own. It is, in any case, structurally very similar to, and probably the source of much of, England’s own common law tradition.


I am still a traditionalist because traditionalism, at its best, is a philosophy of fitrah, the Islamic concept of primordial human nature, which is visible everywhere and shapes every traditional society in its image. Islam is the ultimate tradition, as old as the first humans; in fact it is the only tradition left, now that every other system is compromising with the ever-changing modern zeitgeist. It’s not an ethnic movement that negotiates for resources within a liberal, secular system it basically accepts, but a holistic, inherently political creed that fulfils the end and purpose of mankind through enjoining and facilitating willing obedience to its Creator, and thus the logical endpoint of everything for which I’ve previously advocated.


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